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The Hunt for Porcini

"We were no longer following any trails and were hands and feet planted to the 45ยบ slope of the mountain that disappeared into a chasm below us. It wasn't long before Tiziano waved me over to where he was standing, whispering my name as to not alert anyone who might be hidden in the trees, to show me his big discovery."

10.18.2009 | Ramblings |

Corteo Storico di Quattro Castella

Corteo Storico di Quattro Castella

I have so many unfinished draft posts, I'm going to start pounding these out -- punctuation and coherence be damned! It's been four years since I sold all and moved to Italy and there is a semi-famous festival nearby that I have managed to consistently miss every year for one reason or another. Th

07.2.2009 | Ramblings |

The Battle of Monteveglio

The Battle of Monteveglio

It was near midnight and tension filled the air, bandannas fastened tightly to our foreheads, menacing growls on our faces. We were outnumbered at least 2 to 1. The final battle was imminent. We took our weapons in hand, the ever dangerous and highly volatile foam balls in socks, and stood shoulder to shoulder against a greater foe. "VIA!" In less than a second the air was filled with crisscrossing red and white spheres flying aimlessly towards the opposite sides of the field. Vincent hurriedly organized groups of fighters to stave off the incoming attacks and I was using my patent-pending throw-like-a-girl tactic to win sympathy from the enemy. But alas, our efforts were in vain and my shoulder giving out on me forced me to the sidelines.

06.2.2009 | Ramblings |